You may not even have heard of TikTok yet. If you have, you may not know exactly what it’s all about. That’s because in the social media world, it’s the new kid on the block. While TikTok has technically existed for a while now, in the form of, it has more recently made waves online as millions of teenagers lip-sync, dance and joke their way to large followings.

If ever you need to pay attention to a social media platform or trend, it’s when Facebook take notice. While somewhat under the radar, Facebook recently released a competitor platform to TikTok, called Lasso.

How does it work?

TikTok is a platform for users to film themselves for 15 seconds, either lip-syncing to songs, skits or movie lines. They can use well-known songs, sound effects and even other people’s original videos. One of the elements that makes it more popular than previous platforms (remember Dubsmash?) is that it allows you to split-screen with another user and ‘duet’ or collaborate.

Where is it headed?

In terms of worth, TikTok’s parent company (ByteDance) is now valued higher than Uber. It was downloaded more than a billion times in 2018 and introduced advertising late last year. It’s not about to disappear and if anything is growing so rapidly that the developers will struggle to keep up with its users.

Is it worth it for me?

This is a more difficult question to answer, but it seems that it’s too good an opportunity to pass up. With little risk and a great potential reward, depending on how you choose to utilise the platform, it could do wonders for your brand. You could get a TikTok user with a significant following to promote or wear your brand and reach millions of users in an audience that hasn’t yet been as inundated with advertising as those in the traditional platforms.

You could challenge TikTok users to challenges that relate to your brand. You could even advertise on the platform. But know that you won’t be able to monitor and report on your ad spend as well as you can on a platform such as Facebook… yet.

TikTok may be gone by 2021, but it may also be the most popular platform in the world. It shows no signs of slowing down and at the very least, it’s worth your consideration.