Video content is taking over social media feeds worldwide. Just take a scroll through Facebook and you’ll quickly realise that at least 80% of what you’re viewing is video content.
So it should come as no surprise that brands who are prioritising video content are some of the most successful.

So creating and publishing video content is a no-brainer, but is it necessary or worthwhile to focus on YouTube as a platform for video content? Well, it can depend on the brand and type of business you run or service you provide, but generally speaking, here are five big reasons to consider at least it.

1. Reach
If you don’t know the answer to something, or the solution to a problem and possibly most importantly to you – where to buy a product you’re looking for – you probably turn to Google. Well, people are starting to turn to YouTube too. With two billion users, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Statistically, a large portion of your target audience will be on YouTube, so you may want to consider placing yourself directly in the place they are looking for you. The next step will be to make sure they see you instead of the thousands of other competitors also attempting to catch their eyes.

2. An audience searching for you
As mentioned, YouTube is a search engine. While your Facebook ads and content are aiming at catching the eyes and attention of people passing by, YouTube is more direct. Think of it as the difference between standing at a traffic light handing out flyers. Your flyers will reach a high number of eyes, but realistically probably around 5% of those will lead to people contacting you or buying your product. That’s what Facebook ads are. YouTube is like being listed as a mechanic in the yellow pages when people are specifically looking to have a car serviced by a mechanic in their area.

3. Attention
Success rates for time spent viewing an ad or reading a post is a couple of seconds. For YouTube, it can be minutes. We’re in a time where attention spans are short and people don’t like to read as much as they did 10 years ago. Video not only grabs the attention quicker and more successfully, but it holds attention for longer periods.

4. Conversion
Businesses always want to hear about ROI (return on investment) and justifiably so. Well in 2019 the revenue generated from video marketing is gained nearly 50% faster than that of marketers who are not using video.

5. It’s simple
While it can become very complex, starting and running a YouTube channel can be very easy. The tools provided by YouTube are easy to understand and will help you to target your audience better. Videos needn’t be at the same level as quality as the latest box office film you watched. In fact, depending on the subject, users often prefer raw, unedited and home-video style videos. YouTube is also free, so you have no excuse. At the very least – give it a go!

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