Joining social media can feel like hopping onto a moving speed train. If you haven’t grown up using the platforms and are now trying to use them not just for personal use, but to market your brand or business – it can be terrifying.

At some stage, probably early on, you’re going to look at Twitter and think, is it worth it? You may even receive different opinions and advice from people who understand the platform. Many see Twitter as lagging behind other platforms or becoming irrelevant. Perhaps they are right.

Here are three reasons you may want to consider Twitter.

1. Reach an audience

With over 300 million users, there is a massive audience just waiting for you to talk to them about your brand or product. Even if you only reach a very small number of people, you are reaching people – and for free.

Interestingly, the actual reach of Twitter is also much larger than what the number of users reflects. Because of embedded tweets, being able to view tweets without an account and search engines such as Google picking up tweets, the reach could be as much as double that of what Twitter users reflect alone.

2. Connect with customers

Twitter is in fact, the preferred platform for customers to engage with brands. While Facebook and Instagram is where they generally like to read up on and consume content, Twitter is where they expect to speak to brands and be heard or responded to. This is a crucial aspect of brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

3. Learn about your brand

Twitter is where customers go to speak about products and brands – both positive and negative. So if you want to hear how you can improve, what people think about your product and what they like – Twitter is the place to do it. It’s where you’ll learn about your product as you never thought you would.

So why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose.