If you own a business, chance are high that you’re constantly looking at how you can market your product or services and gain an edge in the crazy world of digital marketing.

Whether you have a social media manager or do the social media posting yourself, you’ve almost definitely heard of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But in a world that changes so swiftly, to be on top of your game you need to be aware of emerging platforms.

Here are five new platforms that you may not yet have heard of and should pay close attention to.

No, not the coffee (although that is just as important to aid successful business owners in gaining an ‘edge’). Caffeine is similar to Twitch; a social broadcasting platform created predominantly for gaming and creatives. It allows you to broadcast live events or streams and for followers to interact with the broadcast.

This Instagram rival is the ultimate hipster alternative to the world’s biggest photo-sharing platform. Vero has no adverts, no complicated algorithm and isn’t trying to find out exactly what time you eat your breakfast and sell it to a cereal brand. You can share photos, videos, links, books and even TV shows.

This is a clever marriage between cryptocurrency and creating content. Steemit allows users to blog, or create content and then rewards them with their own cryptocurrency (STEEM). Depending on the popularity of your content, you will be rewarded accordingly.

This platform has been around for almost two years but has recently gained a little more attention. It’s basically Facebook’s version of TikTok.


TikTok is rising in popularity so quickly that you may even be reading this thinking: everybody has heard of TikTok! If you haven’t, you are bound to hear about the short-form video-sharing platform that is taking the world by storm.

Share short videos, using filters, effects, music and more.

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