Podcasts are slowly gaining traction in South Africa. While we’re still behind in comparison to the rest of the world, that isn’t to say that there aren’t a number of high-quality local podcasts. They are generally just underappreciated, probably in most part due to the high cost of data.

In a country where commuting long distances, or at least spending long periods of time travelling (even short distances) is the norm, podcasts are a perfect way to make use of that ‘dead time’.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are four podcasts worth listening to in 2020. These will all inform and inspire you, as you hope to really crack your digital marketing this year.

1. Marketing School

This is a daily podcast, with new episodes available every 24 hours. Neil Patel and Eric Siu are two experts in the industry, who will offer up valuable information on marketing and SEO. Whether you have a small business, a personal blog or manage the marketing of a large company, this podcast is perfect for you.

2. Exposure Ninja

Exposure Ninja focuses on increasing your business or brand’s visibility. Which is the first step towards increasing sales. This is a British podcast bursting with real-life advice and examples for something far more practical than just a theory lesson.

3. Marketing Land

Marketing land is a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics. Whether you’re looking to improve your brand’s social media, video strategy, email marketing or even understand analytics, Marketing Land has it all.

4. The Marketing Companion

Some consider it the world’s most entertaining marketing podcast. The Marketing Companion is a unique blend of education and comedy. Including celebrity guest appearances and hosts with more than 50 years’ worth of marketing knowledge, this is one not to be missed.

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